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What We Do

Neurodivergent of FIRST currently has representation in several FIRST regions and is actively recruiting staff. We attend FIRST competitions and partner with teams to provide education. We also harbor a safe community on Discord where Neurodivergent FIRST students, alumni, and volunteers can congregate.

With your help, we'd love to expand on some of our goals! Here are a few of the many:

  • Expand our FIRST event presence

  • Expand our promotional resources

  • Expand our FIRST team partnerships

  • Present at FIRST Championships

With your involvement, we can bring these goals to life. Explore our Staff and Partner pages to learn how to get involved!

What is Neurodivergence?

Neurodivergence is taken to be the diversity of human cognition, social behavior, and mental abilities of our peers. Examples of Neurodiversity include Autism/ASD, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia/Dyscalculia, and many others. However, the term also envelops the broad diversity of the human mind that has yet to be fully researched - Neuro + Diversity!

Neurodivergent K-12 students are in some of the most mentally taxing stages of their identities and their social and academic lives. It is important that Neurodivergent students have the protections to succeed and allies have the education to set the precedent. Neurodivergent of FIRST exists to carry out Neurodivergent protections, representation, and education within FIRST Robotics.

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