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Representatives are the primary legislative body of Neurodivergent of FIRST. They brainstorm ideas, front organization projects, and represent us at FIRST events. Any FIRST member who is neurodivergent can apply for Representative at any time here.

Amon - FRC 5530 - Autism - They/Them

Howdy! I'm Amon Green and I was a mechanical and programming member on FRC 5530 for four years, scouting leader, strategy co-leader, and Dean's List Semifinalist in Michigan in 2018. I served as an Neurodivergent of FIRST Administrator since 2019 and an LGBTQ+ of FIRST Administrator from 2018 - 2020. I'm a Mechanical Engineer in a machine shop where I design manufacturing processes for gears in Aerospace applications and am currently pursuing my Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Michigan.

Addison - FTC 3540- ADHD- She/Her 

Hi everyone! I'm Addison, captain of 3540 Roboboogie! I am currently a senior in high school and I've been part of Roboboogie for the past four years and captain for the past two. I love working on the mechanical aspects of our robot and take special pride in the unique ways that our team designs and builds our robot. I plan on majoring in English Literature in college but intend on still participating in robotics and coming back to mentor my team and any other team that would like my help. This is my first year as a representative of Neurodivergent of FIRST and I can't wait to help share NDof within the FIRST community. 

Diana - FRC 6199 - Autism - She/Her

Diana - FRC 2977- ASD, ADHD, OCD - Any Pronouns

Hi, I'm Diana, I'm Head of marketing, business, and safety for FRC team 2977, The Sir Lancerbots. I've been a representative for NDoF since November of 2023. I've been in first programs since fifth grade, and I love engineering even if I'm not on build team!

Gab - FRC 4039 - Autism - He/Him
Hello, fellow sentient beings. I'm Gab, a member of FRC4039 MakeShift. I'm just an average autistic high schooler who is slightly above average in math. That's about everything interesting about me. NDoF representative since 11-APR-2024.

Jimmy - FRC 9496 - Autism, ADHD 

Olivia - FRC 6443 - Autism, ADHD - She/Her

Nick - FRC 100 Alum - ADHD - They/Them

I’m Nick, an alumnus of FRC Team 100, The Wildhats. I’m a college student majoring in Mechanical Engineering and spend much of my time working on mechanical design projects, especially those focused on modern methods of creation such as CNC and additive manufacturing. I’ve been a NDoF representative since Dec 24, 2023.

Normandy - FRC 5171 - ADHD - She/Her

I'm Normandy, currently captain of the team Deus Ex Machina. I have been a representative for NDoF for just over two months and am very excited to start our first season as a partner team. I am a senior and have been on Team 5171 for 3 years, although I have been interested in robotics for much longer!

Seth - FRC 3324 - ADHD, Tourette's - He/Him

Hey everyone! I'm Seth, the programming lead for FRC 3324 The Metrobots! I'm currently a senior in high school, and I've been on the Metrobots for all four years. I excel in programming in several languages (the list goes C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and x86 assembly), and I plan to major in cybersecurity in college. I love to take on cybersecurity CTF challenges during my free time, as well as both play and develop video games. This is my first year as a representative for Neurodivergent of FIRST, and I'm really excited to help out!

Sam - FRC 8847 - ADHD - They/Them

Tessa - Volunteer - ASD, ADHD - She/Her

I’m Tessa, Alumna of FRC Team 1002. I’m a technical volunteer in FRC and FTC in the Chicago region, and a member of the FRC Midwest Regional Planning Committee. I major in Computer Science at Illinois Tech and you can often find me outside of class exploring transit systems around Chicago, tinkering with computers, volunteering at FIRST events, or playing video games. I’ve been an NDoF Representative since December 2022 and run an advocacy group called NeurodiversIIT at my university.

Zara - FRC 8177 - ADHD, Autism, OCD - She/Her

I am Zara and I’m currently on FRC team 8177, Vector (oh yeah) and am a senior in high school. I am the safety captain and electrical/programming lead of my team. Some of my hobbies include coding, working on electrical projects, playing piano, and reading. I have been an NDoF representative since 2023. I mostly help with promoting NDoF at competitions and I spread awareness about neurodiversity within my team because I want to make robotics more accessible for neurodivergent folk.

Zoe - FRC 4039 - ASD, ADHD - She/Her

Hey hey! The name is Zoe! I am a 5-year veteran student on FRC Team 4039, located in ON, Canada. I've been part of FIRST since 2016 with FLL, and joined the FRC scene in the 2019-20 season. On the team, I run the new NDoF Sub-Team Lead, where we focus on spreading the message of this organization and construct a mobile quiet room for the Ontario Events. I am also in charge of the team's graphical design, which heavily focuses on the artistic side of things. I've been an NDoF Representative since October 2023, and I plan on doing anything I can to help this organization achieve its goal!

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