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Advisors are adult staff and some of the most trusted people in the org, having put up several years of service and dedicated much of their time. They will not only advise the admin team on issues presented to them but help with anything that requires more careful work.

Nia - FRC 4534 Alum - ADHD - They/Them

Heya! I'm Nia, I am an NDoF admin alumni and current advisor! I spent 2 years in FRC as a student, and one year as a mentor. Currently I am taking a lapse in my mentoring for my health, but I hope to return in 2025! I'm glad I get to be a part of the good NDoF can do for our fellow (and plentiful) neurodivergent robotics nerds!

Eva True - FRC 461 Mentor - Autism - They/Them

Hey! I'm Eva, the founder of NDoF. I served as an admin for two years, and currently serve as an advisor. I'm an outreach/initiatives mentor on FRC Team 461, and volunteer as a game announcer/emcee in FLL, FTC, and FRC. Outside of that, I'm currently finishing up my construction management degree at Purdue. In my free time, I enjoy writing, gaming, playing my ukulele, urban exploration, and watching sports.

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