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Student Administrators

Student Administrators or Admin are the primary administrative body of Neurodivergent of FIRST. They make all executive decisions, lead staff and partners, and front all outreach efforts. Join our discord server to keep up with available admin spots and when applications go live.

Brody - FRC 2977 - Autism, ADHD - He/They

Hey! I'm Brody I'm from team 2977 Sir Lancer Bots, located in La Crescent Minnesota. I am one of the head programmers and excel in java, as well as being on the drive team for 2977. I am currently a sophomore in high school focusing on advanced math and science courses to pursue my love of physics. My current project is a step to making our team as environmentally friendly as possible, a machine that takes plastic bottles and turns it into 3d printing filament, made out of an old 3d printer.

Jack - FRC 5090 - ADHD - He/Him

Hey-Hi! I'm Jack from FRC 5090 "TorqueNados". I am currently the lead of strategy, and I am  looking to pursue my passion in aviation and logistics. At NDoF, I work on communications with our partner teams and staff, and and fronting upcoming changes to our policies and methods, along with a new program for partners.

Remy/Reggie - FRC 112 - ADHD, SCD - He/They/Xe/Ey
Heyo! I'm Remy from FRC 112 "Plus One", a sister team to FRC 111 "WildStang". I'm currently involved in both software and strategy, and I am planning to major in Computer Science. I know JavaScript, C/C++, and am currently learning CSS. I have been an NDoF admin since June 11th, 2023, and I am currently 15 and a sophomore in high school. I currently am working on merchandise designs and making sure everyone in the discord is safe.

Alex - FRC 6238 - Autism, ADHD, Dysgraphia - He/They
Hey there! I'm Alex (they/he), and in addition to being an admin at NDoF, I'm a member of FRC team 6238, the Popcorn Penguins. We're a small community-based team from the San Jose area. At NDoF, I work on keeping the organization, well, organized and running smoothly.

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